Welcome to the Guild House! We are all about table games! Whether you play Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, card games or board games, we cater to the gamer in you!

We are a fully loaded game store. Find your gaming community at our store! The gaming area consists of 6 large game tables to play your favorite board games and 3 humongous war tables for playing miniature battles. We do have a craft table where models can be assembled and painted, or see our monthly craft events being done.

We demo games you never heard of, introduce RPGs, paint miniatures, and offer classes! Our game shelf consists of over 100 demo games, free to play in store and available for rent! Rent, you ask? Find more about HereDo you have a competitive edge? The Guild House schedules tournaments, campaigns and special events everyday of the week (except Tuesdays…because we’re closed…Tuesdays)

The Guild House is a place where friends and family can come together around the table and play. We provide the games and space, you bring the fun!

About the Owners

Charles Mendez

Favorite Genre: Steampunk Favorite gun: Nerf
Favorite Genre: Steampunk
Favorite gun: Nerf

Charles Mendez worked as a Games Workshop representative back in May of 2012 at the Westminster, CA location. After a year, he helped manage other surrounding GW locations but found this position un-fulfilling. Rather than working for a specific game manufacturer, he decided to run an independent game store so he can have the freedom to play and sell every type of game. His dream opened up on May 28th, of 2014, known as The Guild House.

Monica Riche

Favorite flower: Carnations
Favorite band: Greenday

With a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from UC Davis, she spends her time babysitting and crafting. Her love of trendy, functional stuff has led her hobbies to make RPG Bags, dice bags, decorative matchboxes and handmade greeting cards all available for purchase in the store. Monica’s roles for the Guild House include but are not limited to managing Charles’ meals, cleaning, PR, advertising, cat cleanup, scheduler, and most importantly, cheerleader. She is mostly seen with a cat in her arms or behind a sewing machine.

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