April Calendar

April Calendar

Hey there, Here’s the calendar for April!

BIG NEWS We’ll be hosting International Table Top Day on the 11th! Its gonna be crazy! We’ll have many people running demo’s of some of the most popular games. We’ll have GMs running the games so its a great time to learn some new games with out having to read all the rules yourself.

Also on the 18th we’ll be the venue for G3 which is a mini convention for all gamers! Although we’ll be primarily be focusing on Tabletop gaming. We’ll have a lot of GMs running the games so its a great time to learn some new games very quick.

Monica will be continuing her weekly sewing classes on Monday nights, $10 per person and those interested must bring their own sewing machine and materials.

Dungeons and Dragons nights are now catering to the higher level characters 5-10! It will be $2 to play in these higher tiers, but it’s still cheaper than going to the movies!

Friday Night Magic will always have a draft event and the new Dragons of Tarkir is now out and we’ll be adding the Dragon Bowling mini game as a way to win Promos!

Also we’ll having MtG Games Day on Sunday the 19th so if you want to earn some promo cards and a chance at winning an awesome play mat this is your chance. the entry fee for this event will be $6.

Sunday board game day just keeps getting more popular with board gamers and RPGers alike. Come in anytime Sunday to play games with some new friends!

We’ve got a Smash Up tournament coming up on the 4th and It’ll be $5 for the entry fee or $3 if you bring a copy of the game to use in the tourney. And if you’re familiar with the game you can purchase an expansion or the base game and get free entry to the event!

Dice Master Events: We’ll be having ‘standard’ tournaments on the 10th and 24th of this month entry fees will be $5 for each event.

Let us know what you want to see or do at the Guild House!


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