March Events

March Calendar

Hello, hello! Here is our calendar for the month of March!

We will be taking a few days off to get the floor cleaned/buffed and because we will be attending the GAMA Tradeshow in Las Vegas. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

Monica will have her weekly sewing classes on Monday nights, $10 per person and those interested must bring their own sewing machine and materials.

Dungeons and Dragons nights will soon cater to the higher level characters! It will be $2 to play in the higher tiers, but, hey, it’s still cheaper than going to the movies!

Friday Night Magic will always have a draft event and the new Dragons of Tarkir will be coming out the 28th but we got sanctioned to do pre-release on the 21st!

Sunday board game day is getting busier and busier with new games folks are bringing in and our excitement of obtaining demo copies! Come anytime Sunday to play games with some new friends!

Heard of Star Realms? We will be spotlighting it the 4th week in March where we will teach you how to play it. On that Saturday, there will be a Tournament, $5 entry fee and winners will take home a Star Realms promo playmat, gambit set, or a Star Base Omega card. Free entry if you buy the game that week (bring the receipt on Saturday) or $3 entry fee if you bring your own copy of the game.

Dice Master Events: Rainbow drafts $12 entry fee and participants will vote which set to pull from (uncanny X-men or Yu-Gi-Oh) Tournament is $5 entry fee.

Let us know what you want to see/do at the Guild House!


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