Ringing in the New Year at the Guild House

At the Guild House, there were tasty foods and homemade punch, games galore, and party hats to decorate! The party goers paraded around the store with merriment and smiles when the clock ticked down to 0. Wishing everyone a “New Year” and bundled in coats, they walked out to their cars to go home afterwards. I wanted to share a quick note about the fun night last night (and to provide some context to the following pictures). I wish everyone had their fill in celebrating the last moments of 2014. Charles and I are really excited to see where 2015 will take us and the Guild House.

10844317_10154923863105231_882869701_o 10909724_10154944262555231_184984364_o 10907088_10154944049920231_1508726850_o 10901706_10154944265130231_115503875_o  10893172_10154944261735231_2017180104_o 10886605_10154944261950231_1001036524_o10886117_10154944261185231_580742210_o 10886558_10154944063850231_1750201487_o 10901370_10154944260940231_613341301_o


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