Meet the boys

There are 2 fuzzy babies roaming the Guild House! Their names are Teddy and Gears and I want to formally introduce you to them.

Gears likes boxes, Teddy likes shoes, what more to say?
Gears likes boxes, Teddy likes shoes, what more to say?

gears3Gears was born in September 2014 but Teddy was born in 2008, same month. Charles received Gears as a Christmas present from Monica. Since Teddy has been at the Guild House longer, we were hesitant for them to meet. No worries though, they get along great and are quite entertaining when they play together.

Both have wonderful temperaments. Teddy is very sweet and sometimes greets our customers. Gears, since he still is a kitten, tends to sleep most the day away but when awoken, he doesn’t mind being handled and petted.

terddy1Teddy will often flop on his back and just look up with his dandelion-colored eyes, asking for a belly rub. Don’t be shy in petting him, he loves the attention. This particular cat doesn’t like to be held or picked up, but won’t bite if he does.

Neither cats will claw or bite if not provoked. We prefer them playing with their cat toys rather than your hand or hair. Both are fans of yarn, hexbugs, feathers, balls, and catnip.




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